Our website's focus is on the Pomeranian breed and we try and provide lots of useful information. We also have one litter per year of very healthy pups (not teacups). If you are looking for a great companion, that happens to also be a Pomeranian, look no further than Rainier Pomeranians.

Our litters are also registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and we price our poms based on their size, coloring, personality and much more. Our prices typically range from $800 to $1200 and we never charge extra for AKC papers.

We recommend getting on the list early, if you are interested in an upcoming annual litter - Please fill out our prospective owner form on our site, to be added to our waiting list.

We have lots of pictures on our Flickr album. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

Chewbaca, Mojo, Mini, CP, and Gizmo

We are small breeder of AKC registered Pomeranians located in Glenoma Washington, near Mount Rainier.

Our goal is to breed beautiful, healthy puppies, which will bring a lot of joy and happiness to the new owners. Our puppies are not kennel raised, but are raised right in our home and treated like  our own children. They receive a lot of attention and optimal care. Just take a look through our many photo albums to see.

Such as we do sell our puppies with full AKC paperwork, for most cases (based solely on the quality of the dog and fitting into the breeding standard), we need to know, that they will go to the loving homes or to a small hobby breeder. Therefore, we want you to tell us about yourself. If you are from another state – send us some pictures of yourself and your accommodations as well. We have provided a simple form on our "Prospective Owner" page, so please fill it out.

We do not offer any “guaranties” or “lifetime guaranties” or anything ridiculous like that. If you ever read through one of these types of "guarantees" they seller pretty much has an excuse and a way out of everything. (Find a couple on other webstes and actualy read it and you will see what we mean) However, we do provide at least the first set of vaccination for our pups, as well as health check (eyes, knees, heart, etc) done by our licensed veterinarian.  At three months we do our rabies shots and they are given deworming treatments over specific intervals. We do breed from beautiful and healthy lines with  great pedigrees.  Our new stud has a lot of champions in his pedigree.

We offer shipping, inside the USA only. Shipping is at the customer's expense. The price of shipping can vary accordingly to the distance. It is usually around $250 for most states. We do accept most major credit cards through PayPal with a 3.8% transfer fee.

If you are interested in buying a Pomeranian puppy from us, you can contact us via  email or phone and if you are really interested, please fill out our from on the Prospective Owner Page. This is a great way to get on our waiting list. Our one and only female is on an annual breeding cycle, so we only have puppies available one time per year. Our puppies should be priced around $800 to $1200, with AKC registration transfer paperwork.

Weasels Hanging Out
Who's that peaking through the curtains, awaiting your return? Smiling & jumping like a fluffy bouncy ball, when you open the door, Who's giving you those inocent kisses & cheering you up with pure joy? Making that "house" under your bed cover, like a little kid, Who's surprising you with the intelligence of a human child & most touching traights of a best friend? Teaching you how to enjoy the moment of right now & the love they give, Who's cuddeling to you & doing the cutest tricks for treats like a silly monkey? Who's licking your tears away if you are in pain? It's your Pomeranian, a fluffball of joy, endless devotion, and pure love ~ Ella Jones