AKC registration paperwork

     We do provide Full AKC paperwork for most of our puppies, unless a puppy doesn’t match the standard of the Pomeranian breed. If we have a puppy that you like, but does not fit the breed standard, the puppy will have a cheaper price and will be listed with limited registration only. You will know this upfront, not when you are trying to negotiate buying a dog.

The difference between the full AKC and limited AKC registration documents

     The full registration is designed for good specimens of a breed that can be accepted for breeding in order to preserve or improve the breed and continue their lines. Here is a link to the Pomeranian Breed Standard on the AKC website.

     The limited registration is designed for dogs that are not good/healthy enough for breeding and the preservation of the breed. As an example; If a dog is of poor quality – markings, coloring, size, etc., they should only have limited registration.

Why you shouldn’t pay higher then original price for AKC registration papers

     A lot of breeders charge hundreds of dollars more for full AKC registration paperwork, while the cost is only $10 per puppy. (Here is a link to the form) We think it is not fair to the customer, that’s why we do not charge extra money for papers. Our listed price on the dog is all inclusive, minus shipping.

     We also believe that it is incredibly not ethical when a breeder sells a champion sired puppy or quality puppy from champion bloodlines on a limited registration only. The goal of the confirmation shows and the champion titles – is to find the best of the best specimens of the breed, which means, that these kinds of dogs have high breeding qualities and are very desirable for  preserving and improving the breed in general. Again, here is a link to the Pomeranian Breeding Standard adopted in 1997 by the AKC. A lot of time and effort is needed in order to raise healthy and clean puppies and we are sure, that the price of the puppy should always be based on his/her quality only.

      However, as we do provide full AKC documents for most of our puppies, we need to be sure, that our puppies will go to loving homes or to a small hobby breeder, but not to a puppy mill; therefore, we want you to tell us about yourself. Send us some pictures; tell us about your living conditions, any other pets, etc. If you live in Washington or can come out and see us, this is the best method of us meeting you and you being able to see if the prospective puppy is the dog you are looking for. It is OUR duty to make sure you are not a puppy farm and that you understand that you will be the new parent, best friend, walker, trainer, companion, and guardian of your new pet for the next 14 of more years.