What to do if My Dog has an Upset Stomach?

The puppies tummy can get upset, usually, for 3 kinds of reasons:

  1. He ate something he wasn’t suppose to
  2. Stress - like when pup can get a diarrhea just after he arrived to the new home
  3. Illness

     If you are sure, that your puppy just has some digestive issues and is having diarrhea, you can feed him some plane boiled rice (the greatest absorbent), boil some chicken and give him the bouillon later on and give him some canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin will really help in hardening your puppy’s stool. Give him these items separately. The best sequence would be rice, then some bouillon, and eventually some canned pumpkin. If the puppy is constipated – make sure he drinks enough water and give him some chicken bouillon. Dogs usually love drinking it and it will make your puppy hydrated. If he is not drinking water in either during either diarrhea or constipation, give him lots of bouillon as he may not drink enough water and you must make sure he stays hydrated.

     When your puppy arrives at your home and feels stressed, even for short period of time, he can have diarrhea in some cases.  Diarrhea based on stress is induced by a natural parasite that lives in every dog’s intestines called coccidian.

     In this case you can buy some liquid Albon. Albon is good and safe product that helps puppies and even nursing bitches to recover from bad diarrhea.

     If you see that your dog is developing additional symptoms besides the digestive problems – go to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Digestive problems in combination with other symptoms can be the reason of a wide range of the illnesses that only licensed veterinarian can diagnose and treat. In the very rare occasion, when one of our dogs has a digestive problem, we call our vet and he tells us exactly what we just described above. It is better to be safe, than sorry, so we always call our vet.