You can read a lot of the different articles about how intelligent, cheerful and devoted Pomeranians are. However, as for me, it’s so much more interesting to describe a character of the particular Pomeranian personality.


When my Gizmo was 3 month old, she was already showing her first funny tricks. She had a small bouncy rubber ball that she was throwing under the night table, running to the other side, grabbing it and repeating this trick several times. It was the one of her games that was making us laugh all the time.

Another thing was: she was throwing the same ball under the same table just far enough to be almost unreachable from the other side. She was laying down on the other side and was trying to reach it with the both of her small front paws, which was a hysterical thing to watch.

I was simply amazed, when I watched my husband teaching her to “shake”, as it took only 20 minutes from the time he started till the time, when Gizmo was giving her tinny paw for him after the word “shake” with confidence. Of course, every good action from her side was rewarded by a treat. We taught her to use “shake” for another purpose. These days she touches me with her diminutive paw, when she really needs to go potty. So, when I’m sitting and watching TV, late in the evening, and Gizmo comes to me and touches my arm – I definitely know what she wants.

Some cunning dogs can be very inventive in ways to capture their owner’s attention, especially when it’s done for a tasty treat… My Gizmo is not an exception; she is the master of new tricks in this department. She sits vertically with her front paws hanging in the air (nobody tought her to do it), or doing applause like moves with her front paws in the same position (this one is the famous Pomeranian signature). She tries to hypnotize me, so I feel, sometimes, that somebody is “burning a hole in the back of my head.” Then, she sits, peers at me straight for a while, turns her head on 45 degrees (like she does not care), sits still and watches me from this funny position. The expression of her face just makes me burst into laughter. She also make me smile, when she is trying to make cutest expression of her face. Adult dogs have pretty wide variety of mimics, believe it or not, and observing people can see that.

One time, I was relaxing in bed and writing something in my text book. Gizmo didn’t understand why I’m doing this boring thing; because playing is so much more fun.  So, she decided to “educate” me on that subject. She came to me with her tail wagging, laid down closely to my textbook and put her head right on the spot, where I was writing. That was an unbelievably awesome thing to see. She was doing that trick time after time and it always makes me laugh.

When we drove through one fast food place ( I forgot which one it was, we usually never go through it), Gizmo received  an ice cream doggy cone.  Omg, it was so nice for me to watch how she was eating it! Since that time she does applause - like moves with her front paws every time we drive through a fast food place.

The dog’s ability to feel their lovely human is simply amazing. Dogs feel your mood, they know what you like, and they always are there to support you; even if you are frustrated. If my Gizmo sees me crying, she jumps on my lap right away, she wags her fluffy tail and licks my eyes with all the diligence and, of course, she brings me her favorite toy afterward.

My Gizmo knows that I like to kiss her silky forehead and her silky small cheeks. Can you imagine how amazed I was, when I woke up one morning from the feeling of the tinny silky cheek cuddling to my face? She does this trick time after time: she gives her silky cheek for a kiss or tickles me with her fluffy fur in order to give me the best “good morning”. She is indeed a “cat-dog.” The way she wakes me up on weekends is a truly unbelievable thing: during the natural stage of awakening, when my consciousness drifts from dreaming into reality – that’s the time, when my Gizmo starts cuddling to me. (I’m a calm sleeper and I don’t fidget, when I’m about to wake up). How does she feel this elusive occurrence - it is a true mystery and it definitely proves, that dogs see and feel things, that are beyond human’s natural abilities.

My Pomeranian is a cat-dog.

If your puppy Pomeranian lives with a cat in the same house, you’ll be surprised with his/her talent to copy cat’s behavior.  When Gizmo was around 8 month old, she developed the weirdest way in order to have my attention. She was walking and rubbing her little muzzle against my legs exactly like a cat does. That was hilarious for a while, but I told her to stop that, because she did it in a clumsy way. She also does pretty funny purring like sounds every time I carefully scratch her.

Anyway, I could talk and talk about. There are so many things to describe. The bottom line is that Pomeranians are not just beautiful dogs, but dogs with incredible personalities. They are marvelous friends; they are precious like your children. The personality of a Pomeranian is like an interesting book that always astonishes you with new discoveries.