Our little Mojo is a very sweet girl. She is 100% lap dog.  When we have our “Pom cuddle time,” Mojo flies first! When she argues with Cream Puff for a right to sit on mommy, she makes very funny “baby hyena” sounds.

She is soft and silky small girl. Her coloring is called Parti black and tan color, or tri color. She is a good listener and a grand master of cuddles.  If she is in trouble and asked by daddy to come here, she cuddles to mommy very, very hard with all of her Mojo body weight. She is on the submissive side, but she is very defensive of her territory. That’s when her “baby hyena sounds” come in handy.

Mojo just loves to snatch our socks. Its Mojo’s precious! She hides them in a very special secret Mojo place, which is under the night table between the couch and the chair(Tsh-sh-sh Don’t tell anybody) or sometimes she proudly brings them from a laundry basket back to us…

Mojo really loves the laundry basket and sleeps in it a lot.

She also really loves our kitty Ozzy. They play so gently with each other. We have a video of them playing together on our Youtube page. She learned from Cream puff that riding the kitty is very fun. It’s awesome to see tinny Mojo jumping silly on our big cat Ozzy. Ozzy doesn’t mind. He was present when Gizmo was raising her last litter and from those times, he remains our Pom’s extra momma and a great and loving play mate. He cleans both Cream Puff’s and Mini’s heads and faces on a regular basis. They love it!