Chewy cuddling with Dad



People often confuse the weight with the actual physical size. Our Pomeranians are average size. For example: Chewbaca is a 5lb boy and Mojo is a 7lb girl. They aren’t big and they aren’t small, they are in the golden middle. Take a look at some pictures here, where they are with our cat and other surroundings to have an idea.

We are very satisfied with their size, and more importantly, we are happy that they are very healthy, full of life dogs. They are just right for cuddling, playing, hugs and physical activity.

When we had our last stud at our home, he weighed less than 4lbs. Luckily, he was a healthy, sweet boy. It’s pretty cute, but honestly, it’s too few to pet, to squeeze and caress. Here is an interesting aspect: The AKC Pomeranian size standard ranges from 3 to 7 lbs. The fact that the lowest weight margin is so small is indeed perplexing, because 3lbs could easily qualify as a “tea-cup.“ Check this out: 3lbs isn’t far from 2 ½lbs…and 2 ½lbs is officially a size of a good standard Guinea Pig.

Smaller sized Pomeranians (Tea-cups) have an increased risk rate for health problems. They have been introduced to the world only recently, over the last several decades. Some of these dogs need to visit the vet’s office often and are often created from breeding small sick dogs with other sick dogs or inbreeding. There are, however, some comparatively healthy tiny dogs out there, but you are going to find very high prices on them; typically $1800 - $3000 and more. If you are looking for a Pomeranian, our suggestion would be to prioritize the health and personality over smaller size, but if you are a Tea-cup size chaser, be careful with your choice, so you’ll not end up with a sick dog, that would require being friends with the local veterinarian for its short life span.

We enjoy the size and proportions of our Pomeranians. Their virtue is in strong health and exceptional, incredible character. Feel free to read the description of Gizmo’s character on the “Gizmo’s Page”, for example. They will most likely produce similar sizes of puppies, but they have a chance of producing smaller or slightly bigger sizes too. The only way anyone can estimate the size of an adult Pomeranian is by the various size charts that give you a general idea. All you need is the current weight and age in weeks old and you can estimate the weight when adult. Even this estimation is approximate and every puppy will develop differently than another, due to spikes in periods of growth. We produce average size Pomeranians. Our puppies will weigh between 5lbs and 7lbs, as adults. Our dogs are healthy!

Interesting information

Aside from the extreme towards tiny sized “Tea-cups,” there is its opposite, called “throwback.” Once in a rare while, Pomeranians produce a much larger puppy than other littermates. This phenomenon is called “throwback”. In such case, an offspring can weigh around one and half times bigger than its parents. There are some very big throwback Pomeranians out there that can weigh upwards of 15 – 24 lbs. The reason for such an exception is simple. The whole downsizing for the Pomeranian breed has happened over a fairly short period of time. Therefore genetic information about bigger sizes isn’t buried deep enough in Pomeranian’s genome. That’s why it manifests itself, once in a while. Although the normal rate will be constantly decreasing, because of constant selective breeding. Aside from bigger size, throwbacks do not differ from other Pomeranians in their overall qualities. Moreover, they bark less and they are more confident dogs. Owners of unique throwbacks usually really love their bigger bears.

Wide size diversity of modern Poms is a natural phenomenon. Moreover, genetically and phenotypically (physically), any diversity is beneficial for a breed and its health and longevity. Pomeranians originated from Germany and belong to a beautiful Spitz family. Europe still retains two standards for small Spitz, where small to average sizes are Kleinspitz and very small dwarfs are Zwergspitz.

Smallest: Zwergspitz are 18-22 cm (7.09-8.66 inches) at the withers.

Small: Kleinspitz are 23-29 cm (9.06-11.42 inches)

Bigger breeds of Spitz family belong to following categories:

The Mittelspitz are 30-38 cm (11.81-14.96 inches)

Grosspitz is 42-50 cm (16.54-19.69 inches)

Chewy and Gizmo peeking down the stairs