The professional breeders

     First of all, I want to tell you, that if you do something with love and sincerely - it will go a long way…

     I’ve met only 2 breeders in my life, who are: honest, sincere and who breed for the goal of beautiful Poms that love to be around people. Most only care about the money and nothing else matters. And believe me, I’ve done a lot of research on Poms and I’ve talked to a lot of breeders, when I was choosing our new boy.

     The breeder we worked with the first time gave us a stud who made incredibly rare sable merles. Her name is Tawnya and she came to us at 3 am… She drove 40 minutes from her place at night only because she came to support us with Gizmo’s first delivery… This is what we are talking about! … Thank you Tawnya so much !

     The breeder who sold us Gizmo, 5 years ago, sold her to us with FULL AKC registration for a very fair price.

     The breeder who sold us Little Chewbaca from the rich Champion bloodlines (mother and father sides) , sold him with  FULL AKC registration paperwork, as well and for a very reasonable price. Although later when inquiring about his bloodlines and some additional puppy pictures for this site, this breeder turned nasty and stated that she did not sell him with full AKC registration and that she should have charged more money. She then threatened to change the registration from full to limited, however, she could not because he had already been transfered long before the threat. I called AKC to confirm that she could do nothing. Thank god for that!

     These 3 people are who we are really grateful to, even though the lady we bought our boy from is a bitch. The two other breeders are true “PROFESSIONAL BREEDERS.”